As far as I can recollect I had a cat that was my saving grace from day one.  My real grandmother used to come and pick me up when I was not fed for three days; she would feed the cat and take me with her to feed me.  When I was first adopted my adopted parents had a poodle; the dog loved me and always came to me.

I was always near my handicapped brother until he died at age 12; I was 11.  He was supposed to die really young; they gave him a year to live.  Animals have always been my heart.  I love each and every one of them.  At age 3 we got a dog named Priny; I remember her as a golden retriever that would run around the yard picking up sticks with her mouth.  Priny died when I was 16 because nobody was in the house that she knew.  I was gone on a long trip for 3 weeks; my parents went over to Ireland to pick out 2 Connemaras (which are ponies that are bred like the old time Morgans). 

At age 16 I was given a big yellow bean bag, but it ended up next to my parents bed where Priny slept.  Priny was everything to me because he got me through the house of horrors.  I could feel residual energy or shapes if I looked in the house.  I did not want to look.  My room was like the walking dead only in real life. 

I took care of 25 Connemara ponies starting at the age of 14 after knowing that a horse was getting glass in its feet at a horse show.  I was walking by the stall and I had a knowing that they were doing bad things to that horse to make it prance.  This was at GMHA which is a horse show located in Woodstock, Vermont.  The Connemaras were a world class pony in their day.  I have dealt with Copa who was brought over from Ireland to be bred and made the most beautiful babies you could possibly imagine.  When the mares had their foals when my parents were away, not one of them had a problem.  I sat on the bales of hay by the stalls forever when a mare was birthing a baby.  I would wait until the foal got out of the sack and was nursing their mother fondly.  I used to bring two horses out to the pasture so they could eat and graze; I always knew when there was a problem.  I walked many a pony for hours on end till their stomach would calm down and it wouldn’t have colic anymore.  On my watch there was never a deceased pony ever.  Cows; I dealt with little ones and they would jump and scamper up the hill when I would call them.  I have used many baby bottles on baby calves. 

We had barn kitties because my adopted mother was allergic to cats inside the house.  I would always play with them.  My adopted dad always fed the kitties outside.  Reel it forward to now, I have Annie who is a Torbie and Lilly who is half Siamese and half Tuxedo.  I love them both; and with love your animals will come into my heart. I would enjoy working with your animals and bring unity to your whole family.