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About Intuitive Distant Reiki

Being born with a lot of gifts, my choice was to use them to heal people.  Doing a Reiki Session I can receive messages from the divine to give to the person getting the Reiki.  One of the gifts I have is being able to see energy around people, animals or homes.

Intuitive Reiki involves giving messages to the receiver during a session.  These are messages only for you from the Divine.  This can be done over the phone in talking to you or seeing you on the other end.  The first 15 minutes you can relate what has been bothering you or your reason for being in the Reiki session.  The tendency is to need 3 Reiki sessions for everything to sink in.

One of my favorite quotes is “The friend or healer sees clearly the success, health, properity, and never waivers.”  (by Florence Scovel Shinn in The Game of Life).

Success Stories

Michelle Schott

I have known Lisa for about 10 yrs. I have first hand knowledge of her reading abilities and her intuitive Reiki with people and animals alike. She is amazing. She has helped me get through some bad times.

Keith Clegg

I’ve never had anyone read me or my life and have the accuracy that Lisa did. It’s incredible how she brought out so many memories I had locked away in a vault somewhere in my brain. This woman is quite the psychic and I’m sure she will be a valuable asset to many others looking for answers.

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“Every situation is unique!  As part of assisting your interspecies family, I may also do house clearings or other spiritual/psychic work along with communication to create a peaceful space for all. Getting to and healing the root of discord is my specialty.” 

All work is billed at $100.00 dollars an hour.
Paid in advance via visa or master card.

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Root Chakra Issues

Root Chakra Issues

Since the Root chakra at the base of the spine has to do with birth issues and survival patterns I will tell you about my birth issues. People always assume having an identical twin is a neat thing, a magical existence, and that it's an easy life because you always have someone to talk to; let me tell you how it really is.  You get compared to each other constantly which isn't a good thing.  And because you tend to know each other well you stick together, especially when there is a problem in...

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Clients can visit us here in our Pittsfield NH studio, schedule in-home appointments in the central/southern NH area or schedule distance tele-services over the phone or video calls. Please contact us for details.

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