Since the Root chakra at the base of the spine has to do with birth issues and survival patterns I will tell you about my birth issues.

People always assume having an identical twin is a neat thing, a magical existence, and that it’s an easy life because you always have someone to talk to; let me tell you how it really is.  You get compared to each other constantly which isn’t a good thing.  And because you tend to know each other well you stick together, especially when there is a problem in your family or your circle growing up.  It takes you away from getting to know other people and sometimes having a best friend.

I’ve found that having a twin has made me hold back on things I want to do.  I didn’t want to be unfair to her, or, I didn’t want to seem more successful than my sister so I didn’t excel, I just survived.  If you have a friend or other people like one of you better than the other one, jealousy can develop, because you’re both supposed to be alike.  You look alike, and may tend to have the same preferences in clothing or in styles, but you are two separate people with two separate personalities.  So the one that’s more outgoing  may hold back because the other one is not as outgoing, and you don’t want to outshine the one that’s supposed to be just like you.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who you really are; who the real you is.  All my life I was used to people calling me, not by my name but saying “whichever one you are” or “twin”, or calling you by both of your names with an “or” in the middle.  You get so used to each other that one may follow the other one to college or to a different town or to a job.  How do you meet new people or find a significant other?  I found my husband when my twin and I lived in different states.

I started getting more into spiritual teachings and metaphysics when I lived in Florida by myself.  I had my first Reiki session; ironically it had to do with my twin, because I didn’t know where she was and I was terribly worried about her.  We are close to each other now, but, there are so things we both have to work on.

I like the feeling of helping people through energy medicine and Reiki.  I’m finding out I’m not just my DNA; my true self is not just made up of the cells in my body but it consists of my aura, the energy around me, my chakras, and my higher self which there is only one of.

Won’t you join me on my journey of discovering and uncovering who I really am by helping me balance your Root Chakra and other energy systems?