Intuition is something you’re actually born with.  It stays with you; it’s a knowing of what’s going to happen.  This is given to you by God and Jesus Christ upon entering the world.

I was thrown out with the bath water at 8 months after my biological mother was supposed to get together with my father and it never happened.  My earliest memory was that my father was not a nice person.  My mother was 14 when she got pregnant for the first time with an older sibling.  My father is not responsive and neither is his family to anything I have needed.  The family has chalked me up to being not Henry’s child.  I know in my being that I was born to Crystal Ring and there are still questions that I can’t get answered as to who my real father is.  My grandmother on my mother’s side was an empath and an intuitive.  I was adopted at age 2 years and 4 months with the name Sherry Ann MacNeil.  And it was changed to Lisa Owen Rutter by my adopted parents.  Owen comes from my adopted mother’s maiden name; her father was George Owen of the Boston Bruins; he is a Hall of Famer known throughout the world.  I kept the name Lisa Owen Savage after I was married since I was 24; the marriage only lasted 4 years.

I have gotten my intuitive skills through trauma because I had to know where I was going.  I am where I am because of reasons meant by God and Jesus Christ.  I can read people mentally and my gift is animals and people.  My intuition is something that I just know; when I was age 10 I told my adopted parents not to buy the house that they were looking at.  My mother & I were on the roof and we were looking at the mountains.  It was a million dollar view.  They ended up buying the property which was 325 acres.  Things went from good to very very bad.  There was an energy in the property that you couldn’t explain.  Some people would consider this a haunted house.  But my adopted parents could not feel the energy of the property.  My intuition was right on target.  It started out with a spoon dropping in a sink and it went on from there.  At that time I was 10 years old.  My adopted mother always told me I had a six sense.  They went against what I knew was bad energy.  I grew up knowing how people reacted to having abilities.  I read my adopted parents on a daily basis and they were whispering so I couldn’t hear them and I would come down the stairs.

I see the best in everybody that I come into contact with.  And most of all I can get along with people that are not heard because I wasn’t heard.