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Bringing animals and people closer together.

Animals are exceptionally sensitive.  They have few other ways to communicate except through their behaviors. I can help them share their true needs and and desires with you!  Working together, we can bring harmony, happiness and contentment to your human-animal family.

Lisa Savage

Animal Communicator Intuitive

Growing up, my three best friends were Mittens the rabbit, Prinnie the golden retriever and Kimmy the Pony.  Indeed, all through my young life, animals surrounded me! 

My family raised and showed horses. When mares were ready to give birth, when they were away especially, I was put on “foal patrol”.  In the first few hours, it is essential that a foal stands up and begins nursing.  I would “speak” with the mares to encourage their babies to find the udder and to begin their lives.  In all the years I did this job, I never lost a foal. 

Over my life, I learned that all animals have a huge capacity to radiate unconditional love and compassion.  They have their own intelligence, wit, and humor but can also experience sadness, frustration and worry.  With no “words” it is sometimes very difficult for them to communicate with their human family.  That’s where I can help!  I will bridge the communication gap between you and your animal family so that everyone receives benefits!

Matthew 7:20  “Our faith can move mountains.”

Luke 1:37  – “Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible.”

Clients can visit us here in our Pittsfield NH studio, schedule in-home appointments in the central/southern NH area or schedule distance tele-services over the phone or video calls. Please contact us for details.

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